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Release Notes 11/11/2021
Release Notes 11/11/2021

New "Task Forms" and Core Mobile App v2.1

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Task Forms

If your team is still dragging around clipboards and notebooks to capture job data, then they will love Core's new Task Forms.

Toss the paper forms and checklists. You can now create your own virtual forms in Core. Important job information is saved immediately with each job's Session. You know checklists are accurately completed before jobs are closed. No more paperwork!

Core's new Task Forms, in Workspace Setting, lets you build your own forms with checkboxes, short answer fields, dropdowns, multiple-choice radio buttons, attach files, even barcode scans – yes, you can scan barcodes with the Core Mobile App. Make fields required to ensure you catch important information. Use the Preview feature to check out how great your new Form looks.

Add Task Forms to any Task. Assign the Task to a team member. Task Forms can be viewed and filled by your team via the Core Mobile or Web Apps. Task Forms and their data get stored with the rest of the job's Session data for easy reference.

Even better, add Task Forms to Tasks in your Session Type definitions. Your forms will be teed up and ready to go for each new job.

Have thoughts or comments? Reach out to us through the Live Chat function in Help or the blue icon at the lower right of this screen.


Core Mobile App 2.1

Check out these updates to the new Core Mobile App.

  • Upload and Attach Files to Task Forms with camera or via file browser

  • PDF Viewer in preview (Non encrypted PDFs only)

  • Open unknown file types with native app if supported

  • Create Sessions

  • Add Members to Sessions

  • Password Reset on Login Screen

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play


  • The Coolfire Core App does not support the Chat function outside of Sessions. It is possible for users on the Core Web App to start messages with other users, but you must be in the Core Web App to view and respond to those messages.

  • If you have used earlier versions of Core mobile apps in the past, you should remove them once you install Coolfire Core App 2.1. Both apps may send notifications for the same events, which may get confusing.

  • Thoughts or comments, please reach out. You can chat directly with Customer Success through the Help utility in your Profile Settings.

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