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Release Notes 1/13/2022
Release Notes 1/13/2022

Timeline View

Written by Coolfire
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Introducing the Timeline View

Core’s new Timeline View makes it easy to keep on top of your team’s daily workload.

Manage your workday with the Timeline’s hour-by-hour view of the work scheduled for a specific day.

At a glance, see what time the jobs are scheduled, their status and what’s overdue. Click on a Session and drill directly into the details.

Need to reschedule a job or adjust an appointment time? Just drag the start, end, or the entire Session to a new time. Go ahead and try it out. You can undo the change with a mouse click.

Want to schedule new work? Pick a date, pick a time block or highlight multiple hours, and quickly create a new Session. Just click through the new Session to add details.

Use the same filters in the Timeline view as you did with the List view. Just remember the Timeline view is only for a specific day, so you can’t use the Date Range filter.

If you spend your day juggling appointment times and making sure jobs get done on time, Timeline will be your new favorite view.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Thoughts or comments? Please reach out. You can chat directly with Customer Success by either clicking the blue icon at the lower right or with Core's Live Chat in Help.

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