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Release Notes 2/15/2022
Release Notes 2/15/2022

Core Mobile App v2.4.2

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Core Mobile App v2.4.2

Check out these major new feature for the the Core Mobile App.

  • Session Detail Map - Hit "View Map" under Session Location information and get a new Map with details for that Session, including locations of Tasks and other Session Members.

  • Map Layers - Choose between the Default street, Satellite, and Terrain themes.

Plus a number of performance enhancements to make the Core Mobile App even faster and more responsive, including areas with limited or poor cell coverage.


Download on the App Store

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  • The Coolfire Core App does not support the Chat function outside of Sessions. It is possible for users on the Core Web App to start messages with other users, but you must be in the Core Web App to view and respond to those messages.

  • If you have used earlier versions of Core mobile apps in the past, you should remove them once you install Coolfire Core App 2.4. Both apps may send notifications for the same events, which may get confusing.

  • Thoughts or comments, please reach out. You can chat directly with Customer Success through the Help utility in your Profile Settings.

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