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Release Notes 3/7/2021
Release Notes 3/7/2021

Core Mobile App v2.5.0

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The latest version of the Core Mobile App makes using Core easier, no matter how you use Core.

  • New Attachment Upload Workflow - For heavy Form attachments users, you'll see a new experience to help make it clear all of your attachments got successfully uploaded. Behind the scenes, there are a number of enhancements to ensure successful uploads, even when you're in areas with poor or spotty cell coverage.

  • Real-time User Markers - If your team works jobs together out in the field, see where each other is at any time. Just hit "View Map" under Session Location information to get to a map with the current location of team members and Tasks.

  • Password Manager Support - Use your favorite commercial password manager to automatically insert your Core credentials.

  • Auto Session Status Update - Core will change the Session status as you start the first or complete your last Task, so you don't have to.

  • Change Workspaces - For those lucky enough to work in multiple Core Workspaces, it's now super easy to change between them.

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  • Core Mobile App v2.5.0 requires iOS 13.0 or later on Apple devices.

  • The Core Mobile App does not support the Chat function outside of Sessions. It is possible for users on the Core Web App to start messages with other users, but you must be in the Core Web App to view and respond to those messages.

  • If you have used earlier versions of Core mobile apps in the past, you should remove them once you install Coolfire Core App 2.5.0. Both apps may send notifications for the same events, which may get confusing.

  • Thoughts or comments, please reach out. You can chat directly with Customer Success through the Help utility in your Profile Settings.

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