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Release Notes 3/25/2022
Release Notes 3/25/2022

Dashboard View

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Introducing the new Dashboard View

Core's new Dashboard View is a real-time snapshot of your operational health.

Use the high-level status to better manage your team's workload. Quickly see what work the team has scheduled, the status of the work, and who is assigned.

Improve your team's productivity with better visibility into their outstanding work. Quickly see who is responsible for it, as well as the work they've already done.

Pick a date range to get your dashboard stats for the next day, week, or month. Or look back at a previous time period. Just remember, Dashboard View only shows scheduled work. Sessions must have a start or end date to be include in the Dashboard for specific day or date range.

Immediately identify problems–like late jobs–and get in front of potential issues, like unassigned Tasks or overloaded team members.

Save time with the interactive Dashboard. Jump straight into fixing a problem or preventing the next by clicking right through to the Session and Tasks details. All of the data is clickable, giving you a filtered List View with the underlying detail.

Filter the Dashboard to see just your work or your whole organization's.

Note: The Dashboard View only shows scheduled work. If a Session does not have a start or end date, it will not be picked up in the Dashboard View.

If you're responsible for managing your team's work and keeping your customers happy, we expect Dashboard view to be your new home view for Core.

Try it out and let us know what you like–or don't like! We'd love to hear what you think!

You can chat directly with Customer Success by either clicking the blue icon at the lower right or with Core's Live Chat in Help.

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