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Release Notes 6/28/2022
Release Notes 6/28/2022

Share Links

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Introducing Share Link

Share Links

Easily include others (customers, contractors, partners, inspectors, ...) in your team’s workflow without adding them as a Core user.

With the new Share Link feature, you can quickly generate a hyperlink to a Task or set of Tasks within a Session and then securely send that link to anyone else. You can specify if the link is “view only” or if it will “allow editing” the Task and Form data.

Viewer: Share a read-only link to keep them informed of things like appointment details, or job requirements -- great for customers or others to monitor a job's status. Share a view only link with a customer to quickly let them know about appointment details instead of relaying them.

Editor: Share an editable link to allow someone without a Core account to complete work and advance the workflow. Allows people, like contractors, outside your team to complete a task, to capture details in a form. with a contractor outside your team to task them without having to invite them to become a Core user. They can edit and submit Forms then complete Tasks just like a Core user.

Let’s look at how a delivery company might use Share Links to assign a contract driver a route. A dispatcher generates a Link to a delivery job in Core and sends it to a contracted driver. The driver receives the link, gets their delivery details, fills out Forms and completes the delivery. Super easy, no app download or authentication. Dispatchers monitor and manage the deliveries in Core.

See Coolfire Core Share Links in action

For added security, Share Links will automatically expire after 30 days, meaning they will no longer show job details outside your organization resolve or provide access to Core. You can manually revoke them at any time.

Use Share Links to quickly and efficiently share real-time information in Core with others outside your team. Excite your customers and partners with how easy it is to work with you. Make your team more productive with more efficient collaboration outside your Core team.

Share Links are very flexible and can be used in all kinds of scenarios. Let us know how you use them and how we can make them better.

Need help or have questions, please reach out to Customer Success by either clicking the blue icon at the lower right or with Core's Live Chat in Help.

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