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Release Notes 6/30/2022
Release Notes 6/30/2022

New Task Forms Enhancements and Field Types

Written by Coolfire
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Great updates to one of Core’s most popular features -- Task Forms.

Task Forms are digital forms used to capture important job information (ex. customer details, delivery updates, or survey results). Once a user completes a Task Form, the details are immediately available to the rest of the team in the Session. So you can toss your paper forms and clipboards–and get started with real-time Task Forms today!

Building Task Forms just got easier. Creating them is super easy with Core's new WYSIWYG Task Forms Manager.

Lastly, check out the new Task Forms field types and enhancements available to include in your custom Forms.

  • Helper Text – Include a message with any field to help the form's user understand what to input

  • Signature Capture – Provide a scratchpad to capture an image of a signature with a timestamp

  • Checkboxes – Allow one or more selections in a list

  • Location – Capture GPS location of the device or search for an address

  • Date/Time – Use the current or set to desired

  • Numeric – Require a number to be inputted

If you already use or review Tasks Forms, we've made it much easier to browse their contents and attachments.

You can now peruse Tasks Forms and view or download their attachments quickly from the Sessions Updates stream!

Check out this clip to see how easy it is to review your team's work and grab the documents you need.

Task Forms Access in Session Updates

For Core Admins, Task Forms Manager has a new look and is even easier to use.

Try it out and let us know what you think. If you don’t use Task Forms, give them a try.

Task Forms Manager


Core Mobile App v2.7.0 and above is required to use these new Task Form fields. Earlier versions of the Core Mobile App will not show the new fields, which may prevent users from being able to submit their Task Forms.

If you have questions or concerns about rolling out new Task Forms, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Success team.

You can chat directly with Customer Success by either clicking the blue icon at the lower right or with Core's Live Chat in Help.

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