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Release Notes Feb 1, 2023
Release Notes Feb 1, 2023

Introducing "Teams"

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We're always searching for new ways to help people do great work together. That's why we are excited to introduce Teams in Coolfire Core.

Teams are the easiest way to group users in Core. They allow you to quickly identify groups, or teams, within your organization and their members.

If you have users who routinely work and collaborate, set them up as a Team. Then you can add that Team to new Sessions instead of manually selecting each and every individual user.

If there are other teams or departments that regularly participate in Session workflows or need to be kept in the loop, add their Teams to the Sessions. That will automatically bring all of the Team members into the conversation. They'll receive notifications on Session updates and activities just as they would if they were added individually.

To create a Team, go to "Manage Teams" in Workspace Settings, name your new Team and add members.

Add Teams to a Session just like you would add an individual user. As your Teams grow or change, individual users' memberships in Sessions will be taken care of automatically.

Core Administrators will notice a revamped interface for Workspace Settings. It is a taste of a new look and feel for Core. Let us know your thoughts and any ideas to make Core even better!

You can chat directly with Customer Success by clicking the blue icon at the lower right or through Core's Live Chat in Help.

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