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New Core Web App - July 27, 2023
New Core Web App - July 27, 2023

Coolfire Core has an all new look to help you get work done even faster

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If you use Coolfire Core daily, the new layout and new features were made for you. Listening to your feedback, we've made accessing key information easier and making updates with fewer mouse clicks...and without leaving the main Session List view!

Coolfire Core’s new look simplifies navigation and adds a number of powerful new features that help you:

  • See what needs attention at a glance,

  • Quickly get the information you need to know what’s going, and

  • Immediately start working on it.

The new layout and capabilities are the first step of exciting new enhancements to Core. Input from users like you is driving these changes– so let us know your thoughts and hear your feedback.

Let’s look at some of the changes and new features.

New Main Navigation Bar

The new navigation bar on the left provides simple and easy access to most everything within Core.

Core utilities like Search, Notifications, and Help, as well as your Profile and settings are all organized and conveniently available within the navigation bar. Your Contacts are also here with your Networks.

Session List View Enhancements

The main Session List View has a number of new capabilities to help view your work the way you want and update your work without leaving the view.

  • Sortable Column Headers: Click on the column headers to sort the data you’re viewing.

  • Search Sessions: Quickly find a Session by starting to type its name.

  • Filter: New filter “pills” help give you better visibility and control of the filters you apply.

  • Inline Edits: Update fields directly in the List View by clicking on them!

Task Detail Panel

Now you quickly check on a Task and make an update without leaving your main List View.

The enhanced Task Status Bars are your visual indicators for the progress of the Tasks in that Session.

Click on it to open a panel with the Tasks’ details. From here, you can see and update details and Forms for any of the Tasks associated with the Session.

Activity Panel

With this update, you can now quickly check the latest activity and post a message without leaving your main List View.

Session “Latest Updates” are now part of a Session Activity stream. The new column indicates when there is new activity in a Session of which you are a member.

Click on the Activity icon to open a panel with the Activity stream to see what’s happening and make your own updates.

NEW FEATURE: Activity Stream

The Activity Stream is where you see and send updates on what’s happening in the Session. Filter your view between messages from your team and automated messages from Core.

Session Detail Enhancements

When you drill into a Session, you’ll see a new, optimized layout to help you see key information at a glance and quickly make updates.

First, the Session details are persistent on the right. You can directly update its details by clicking on the fields!

Toggle your view between Tasks, Activity (Latest Updates), Map, and Files (Attachments). You’ll start in the new Tasks view.


The Tasks View has a new look! There’s an indication for attached Forms. You can drag and drop Tasks in the order you want. And just click on fields to update key Task details from here!

Click on a row to see the Task's details and Form. Again, you can quickly update any details simply by clicking the field.

Those are the highlights! Please reach out if you have questions or comments as you explore the interface and its capabilities. Send us a message using Help to contact our Customer Success team.

We'll continue to make improvements based on your feedback. So let us know what you think or what you’d like to see. Just message us via Help.

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