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List View Tabs - Oct 9, 2023
List View Tabs - Oct 9, 2023

Organize your work with new built-in "Tabs" in Core's List View.

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Coolfire Core's new List View Tabs make it easy for you to focus on what's happening today, and to look ahead at what's coming up next.

All – Traditional List View with all your work to be filtered and sorted as you like.

Active – Your workday view with anything In Progress or scheduled for today.

Upcoming – Your planning view with anything not currently In Progress or Complete but scheduled for the future.

Complete – Enjoy seeing all the work you’ve done!

Filtering and sorting by column work across all the Tabs. The Status filter is not applied in the new Tabs, but it is remembered when you return to the All tab.

Note: The New List View Tabs use Session Status and Session Start and Due Dates to determine in which Tab they are included.

  • "In Progress" Sessions will be included in the Active Tab and "Complete" Sessions with be in the Complete Tab.

  • If the Start or End Dates for a Session or the range between them includes today's date, the Session will be included in the Active Tab even if its Status is "To Do."

  • If the Start and End Dates for a Session are in the future and the Status is "To Do," the Session will be included in the Upcoming Tab.

Let us know how the List View Tabs work for you.

List View Tabs is the latest in a series of enhancements to the Core Web App to improve your experience with Core. They've been driven by feedback from users like you to make it easy to focus on what matters and quickly access key information.

We will continue to add new features to help you make Core work for you. If you have thoughts or suggestions, please reach out. Just message us via Help.

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