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Task Form “Groups” – Oct 26, 2023
Task Form “Groups” – Oct 26, 2023

Introducing “Groups” for Task Forms. Better organize and manage Task Forms with collapsible and dynamic “Groups”.

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New Task Form Groups make Coolfire Core's popular Task Forms easier to use and even more flexible. They allow you to "Group" a set of input fields within a Task Form, which you define and name.

Task Form Groups help break up a long form into titled sections with related input fields. Users can collapse and expand Groups as they fill in or view their Task Forms. If your forms use a large number of input fields or different types of data to be collected, Groups will help you better organize them.

Task Form Groups are also dynamic! Once a user fills out fields in a Group, they can add another Group with the same "group" of input fields as needed. If you do surveys or have scenarios where you just don't know how many items or things your team will capture, Groups are a perfect solution. Just add a new Group for each item.

For example, if your tech needs to order new parts for a job site, you can add a new line item to the purchase order for each part. Groups let you dynamically add a new set of inputs for each item.

Note: Task Form Groups require Core Mobile v3.3.0 or greater.

To start using Task Form Groups, go to Settings -> Task Forms and click "Create." Simply "Add Group" to your Task Form using Core's WYSIWYG Form Builder. Give the Group a Title and start adding input fields to it. Groups can include any of the available input field types, which can be required to have a response.

Task Forms has been one of Coolfire Core’s most popular features. As digital forms, they replace clipboards and spreadsheets for capturing important job information (ex. customer details, delivery updates, or survey results). Once a user submits a Task Form, the data is immediately available to team members and stored with the rest of a job’s details.

Supported Input Field Types Include:

  • ​​Short Answer

  • Checkbox

  • Multiple Choice

  • Dropdown

  • Location

  • Date and Date/Time

  • Numeric

  • E-Signature Capture

  • Barcode Scan

  • File Upload (attach files, pictures, or any other critical assets to your forms)

Give Task Form Groups a try, and let us know what you think. If you're not already using Task Forms, try them and see how they help organize your operations. Reach out with any questions and feedback using Help.

Note: Task Form Groups require Core Mobile v3.3.0 or greater.

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