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Configurable Columns - Sept 7, 2023
Configurable Columns - Sept 7, 2023

Help your team focus on what’s important to your business. Customize how they view their work with Configurable Columns.

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Coolfire Core’s “Configurable Columns” feature enables the configuration of Core’s List Views. You can create your own view of your work based on how you use Core and what drives your success. And it’s super easy with the new Show/Hide control!

Core Workspace Admins can move and show/hide columns in List Views, immediately updating the Views for all users. Note that each Network has its own List View, and each is configured independently.

Last month, we introduced Core Web App’s new look to help you to get the information you need quicker, and with fewer mouse clicks. We promised it was the first step in a series of new enhancements to improve your experience with Core. Configurable Columns is another step, giving you control of how you view your work in Core.

We will be continuing to add new features to help you make Core work for you. If you have thoughts or suggestions, please reach out. Just message us via Help.

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